Mobile Lovers – Press Release

August 2014 Banksy’s Mobile Lovers has been sold to a private collector. All the proceeds with go to benefit Broad Plain, the club at which the work was created, and affiliate Bristol youth clubs.

Stealing Banksy? – Radio 3 Interview

April 2014 Mary McCarthy from MM Contemporary was invited to speak on Radio 3 Free Thinking programme 24th April 2014 regarding the ownership of street art in light of the recent ‘Stealing Banksy’ exhibition which was not endorsed by the artist.  Hosted by Samira Ahmed  with the other guest speakers, Professor Lionel Bently, barrister and copyright expert on intellectual property, and street artist and gallery owner, Pure Evil. Interview Starts at 30:17


Huffington Post – The Legalities of Street Art

December 2013 Article written for the Huffington Post – From its origins as a form of anti-establishment political protest to its’ present day incarnation as a multi million pound industry, street art has not only radically transformed the way we view our public pavements and walls but has also inadvertently turned the illegality of an art form into a controversial topic subject to widespread debate.


Financial Times – Painting The Town 

October 2013 A colourful array of urban art goes under the hammer at Drouot – Article about the Urban Contemporary Sale, held in the Drouot, Paris on the 25th October 2013


Moniker Art Fair – An Insiders Guide to the Street Art Market

Mary McCarthy was one of the panellists for this talk hosted by Cedar Lewishorn. The other panellists were street art collector and Director of Hugo boss Anton Magnani and Hyland Mather, director of Andenken Gallery.


Huffington Post – Does the Commercialisation of Street Art Undermine the Work?

October 2013 Article written for the Huffington Post – Banksy’s recent activity in New York has generated mountains of coverage, in print and online. But what does the greater coverage of urban artists mean for the street art market?


Mary McCarthy interview on Radio 4 Today’s Programme

May 2013 Mary McCarthy from MM Contemporary was invited to speak on Radio 4 Today Programme regarding the Banksy Slave Labour work that was originally painted on the side of a discount store in Wood Green, London and then subsequently removed and sold at auction.