Above: Banksy (British, b.1975) ‘Sid Vicious’ Digard Auctions Urban Contemporary Sale 25th October

May 2013 MM Contemporary have partnered with Digard auctions to host an international urban contemporary sale in Fiac week at the Hotel Druout in Paris on October 25th.

The sale will be launched through an exhibition in Area 13 of Paris and then back to the Drouot  building where we are inviting key artists from France (Miss Tic), England (Nick Walker) and America (Logan Hicks, Mear One) to paint boards in front of the Druout which Martha Cooper has agreed to photograph.  The painting of the building and sale will be in FIAC week so Paris will be busy with over 70,000 contemporary art buyers in the city and as the Drouot building normally receives over 5000 visitors a day in FIAC week this will be considerably increased.

We have a fantastic original Banksy canvas as seen on this news reel and various other leading works but we are now open to consignment for further pieces for this sale so please contact Mary McCarthy for more information about consignment or the sale in general on mary@mmcontemporaryarts.com